SOS Advantages

US Schools

SOS and our partners place over 4000 students in the US every year from over 60 countries. While we also run J-1 program through our exchange partners, our main focus is F-1 program.We understand the higher expectation of F1 students.

UK and Ireland Schools

Top public and boarding options in UK and Ireland

New Zealand SChools

High quality education on the south sphere. The most beautiful and quite country.

Canada High Schools

Safe country, high quality public education. We partner with the best homestay companies in Canada only. Your students are always in good hands.

Custom Brand Service

Need us to stay invisible and want your students to have more loyalty to your agency? No problem. Our local representatives will work on YOUR behalf, while adhering to the same high standard SOS EDU demands.

Summer camps

We run summer camps in desired locations and we can custom build programs per your needs. Contact us for details.

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International partnership
For more than 20 years, SOS has established cooperative relationships with hundreds of partners in more than 60 countries around the world. These partnerships have enabled us to grow exponentially each year. We offer international partners multiple study abroad programs and more than 200 schools throughout North America. Through this network, there are a group of experienced and knowledgeable project directors and consultants who will provide students with relevant advice based on their interests and academic needs.

Our marketing department will provide you with unparalleled SOS marketing materials and project information so that you can confidently recommend our projects to students. Once students are enrolled, we will provide them with a regional representative to help them with all their needs while studying abroad, so you can focus on recruiting new students. By partnering with SOS, you will partner with us and we will do our best to provide you and your students with a great experience.

Most intermediary agencies in China, including mega-study institutions, do not have a direct service network in the United States. They have always relied on SOS, which has high-quality school resources in the United States and a service network throughout the United States to provide school applications and homes for their students Placement services. In the past, due to various factors, various small and medium-sized overseas study institutions could only get second- or third-hand or even more hands-on overseas study resources. After increasing the price, the price was high, but the service was discounted. In the fierce competition, the institution’s Lost students and low customer satisfaction. Now SOS has come directly to China to provide a package of B2B solutions for small and medium-sized overseas study institutions, giving you an edge in the competition. If you are an educational institution or a language school, there is no study abroad department, we will also provide all necessary assistance and training, and provide a complete set of programs to help you quickly establish a new study abroad service.

Applying to be our representative will immediately enhance the core competitiveness of your study abroad institution: more competitive cost advantages, a broader network of US institutions and services, better choice of schools, and more intimate US landing services for your students .

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China’s study abroad service competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the study abroad market has gradually matured, and customers have changed a lot. Especially high-end customers have a very clear understanding of their needs. From listening to advice from study abroad consultants, to becoming smarter and more rational. Traditionally, relying on the few poor school resources available to the recommendation agencies of overseas study consultants has been unable to meet the needs of many customers. You need a new partner. SOS provides you with comprehensive support, more school choices, and a better local support service network.

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