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Hosting a SOSEDU student will foster an understanding of the values and culture of foreign student for your family, while exposing SOSEDU students to the  diversity of American life. Our students come from all around the world and stay for one school year, and multiple school years.  students come with full medical insurance and are responsible for their own personal and school expenses.

Your role as a host family is to provide room & board, and a nurturing home environment for your student. The rewards of hosting are many, your family will learn and grow with the experience as you build life-long friendships. And unlike many J-1 organizations that do not pay you. Our F-1 programs pay handsome stipend to compensate your family.  Depending on your location, we pay up to $3000/mo.


SOSEDU provides host families a network of support starting at the local level. Our trained Local Coordinators are available to help with any of your questions or concerns  during the experience. Local Coordinators will visit your home and provide you with detailed information, answering all your questions. Host families are given an orientation before their students’ arrival.

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Consect Adipis

Benefits of Hosting:

  • Exposure to different culture
  • Decent monthly stipend, we pay well above other agencies
  • Lifetime international relationship 
  • World peace and mutual undersanding
  • Orientation and on-going support from SOSEDU

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SOSEDU overseas partners conduct screening of students. Our partners recruit only the best students for the F1 program. 

  • Academics: A minimum of a C average with good Teacher’s Recommendation
  • English Language Skills: Students must demonstrate  Proficiency and be comfortable in using English conversationally to follow course work and socialize.
  • Personality: A personal essay written by the student 
  • Positiveness: The ability to deal with the challenges of adapting to culture shock 
  • Financially stable. All our students pay FULL tuition to private or public schools, and they are willing to pay more than fair to their host families
Our Happy Host familes

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