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Why Partner with SOS

Passion in all we do.

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Help build a Successful International Program

SOS help you increase enrollment through our F1 program by recruiting pre-screened international students.

A strong international student program not only increase revenue for your school, but also adds diversity.

SOS team will handle all the administrative tasks and and take charge of the whole international program. If you already have one, we can closely work with them. Your staff will not have to deal with correspondence from natural parents, we handle international phone calls, and emails in their languages, as we work directly with our overseas partners on your behalf.

Our team screen host families and supervise the student. 

Dedicated to Your Needs

SOS prides itself in building strong school relationships. We make a great effort to understand your individual school procedures to create quality and long-lasting partnerships.

Quality students

SOS send only pre-screened and highly qualified candidates with English proficiency.

SOS handle calls and communication from natural parents.



SOS recruit and vet host families, LCs.

Conduct Criminal Background Checks conducted on both to ensure the safety of your students.

LCs solve problems, handle student disciplinary issues and take care of host family concerns so that your school teachers  can focus on academics

Financial success

Simple and timely payment. SOS pay tuition and fees directly to school from our US account. No need for international payment.

Most our students pay FULL tuition. We handle the billing so you never have to chase parents for payments. 

Best in the Industry

Partnering with SOS means you can have the peace of mind knowing your students are always in good  hands. 

Unlike other agencies who derive their F1 program from the old J1, failing to realize the vastly different expectations and needs of F1 students and schools,  we focus on F1 program and we understand our students and schools.