LC Responsibilities

  • Our LCs must know the higher expectation of F1 Program. We pay much MORE and in turn expect more. Our LCs cannot have the same J1 volunteer mentality.
  • Recruit host families through community outreach and local program promotion
  • Conduct in-home interviews and visits. Screen each family, and ensure every student placed in a safe environment.
  • Provide orientations to host families and students
  • Offer support and guidance to students and host families and provide assistance 
  • Secure school admission for their students
  • Collaborate with schools to ensure students are adjusting well,  Build and maintain strong relationships with local high schools.
  • Submitting monthly reports 
  •  Assist SOSEDU resolving problems when needed


Become a LC

Local Coordinators are independent contractors who manage their own time to provide student services. You may work from home, part time or full. LCs receive stipends throughout the academic year to provide their services, which include:


“I am very grateful for my amazing local coordinator Kendra. She always helps me whenever I needs her.”


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LC Benefits

SOS is committed to our LC and to our students. SOSEDU and our partner agencies have been providing quality student programs since 1950s. 

If LCs ever have any issue or problems, we are there for you, 24/7.  Our headquarters team, including Regional Managers, are dedicated o supporting each of our local coordinators.

We highly value the integral role LCs play and we compensate them fairly. Many of our LCs earn $8,000 to $30,000 a year, and full time managers earn up to $80,000. It’s a rewarding career not just with satisfaction but also financial freedom. As a LC, you enjoy

  • A fun flexible part-time position that provides a decent income.
  • Broaden your social and professional network in the community.
  • Learn about different countries and cultures  and Make a difference in the world.
  • Career advancement for skilled LCs to become full-time Managers.